What to Do After a Dental Emergency: Restorative Service Options

August 17, 2020

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Save your emergency dentist in Fort Lauderdale’s phone number for helpful advice during a dental emergency.

The coronavirus pandemic has put many parts of life on hold in Florida and across the country. The healthcare and economic crisis has not, however, changed the fact that dental emergencies can and do happen. 

It remains as important as ever to act quickly when faced with a dental emergency and to seek the help of an experienced emergency dentist when needed. After the emergency is resolved, a dental professional can also help you explore a wide range of services to restore and even improve your smile.

Fort Lauderdale emergency dentist Dr. Natalia Benda-Celenski has nearly two decades of experience assisting patients in a wide range of emergency situations. She also has significant experience working with patients to limit or avoid long-term damage by providing a variety of restorative services. 

Dr. Natalia takes pride in forming personalized and often lasting relationships with patients, taking the time to understand their individual situations and needs. She is a dedicated professional, joined by an experienced staff, whose work and has been cited for “Excellence in Clinical Achievement.”

Dental Restoration After an Emergency

The first thing to do in a dental emergency is to seek immediate assistance. That means either contacting an emergency dentist or going to a hospital emergency room, depending on the situation. 

Once the emergency is under control. There are a number of restorative options for repairing cracked, broken and dislodged teeth, as well as other damage. They include: 

  • Root canal: This procedure helps save injured or decaying teeth from extraction by eliminating infections.
  • Crowns and bridges: Crowns rebuild teeth by placing new caps on them. Bridges are artificial teeth used to fill gaps in a smile.
  • Inlays and onlays: These restorative treatments are used to address various tooth imperfections.
  • Tooth extraction: In some situations, a tooth may need to be removed to save others and combat gum disease.
  • Dentures: These teeth replacements, which can be partial or full, use prosthetic versions attached to a plastic base that looks like your gums.

Regardless of the dental condition that you are trying to address, it is important to understand all of the options. At Pearl White, Fort Lauderdale emergency dentist Dr. Natalia Benda-Celenski will take the time to walk you through the treatment options and craft a plan that meets your individual goals.

How Our Fort Lauderdale Emergency Dentist Can Help

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in South Florida, Pearl White Dentistry can help. Dr. Natalia and her team can also help people who have had an emergency situation restore their smiles and overall oral health. Our dental staff is taking steps to distance patients and keep our offices safe during the pandemic.

We work with a wide range of insurance plans and are happy to assist with patient financing. Contact us online, call us at (954) 491-8812 or email us at dr@pearlwhitedentistry.com to schedule an appointment with a Fort Lauderdale dentist.

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