What You Should Know About Gum Disease and Heart Disease

August 31, 2021

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As experienced dental professionals, we often stress to patients the importance of regular checkups and cleanings. Basic oral care and routine dental visits can keep your mouth healthy and help ward off a variety of health problems. That includes heart disease, new research once again shows.

Researchers in Sweden previously found that people who have had a heart attack are more likely to suffer from gum disease than others. In a follow-up study, they also found that people already diagnosed with gum disease were more likely to develop new heart problems.

“Our study suggests that dental screening programmes including regular check-ups and education on proper dental hygiene may help to prevent first and subsequent heart events,” Dr. Giulia Ferrannini of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, said in a statement announcing the results.

The researchers tracked nearly 1,600 study participants, each of whom had at least one dental exam between 2010 and 2014. They followed up with the patients over the next few years, through 2018. Those who had gum disease at the beginning of the study were 49% more likely to have suffered from a heart attack, stroke or other conditions.

“We postulate that the damage of periodontal tissues in people with gum disease may facilitate the transfer of germs into the bloodstream,” Ferrannini said. “This could accelerate harmful changes to the blood vessels and/or enhance systemic inflammation that is harmful to the vessels.”

Why Checkups are Important

Regular checkups are not only essential to oral and overall health, they are also relatively quick and painless. With sedation dentistry and other options, that is true even for people who are nervous about seeing a dentist.

The primary benefit of a checkup is that it gives your dentist an opportunity to take a look inside your mouth and scan for early signs of trouble. The sooner those signs are spotted, the easier it is to treat them.

During the checkup, a dental professional will also thoroughly clean your teeth, removing harmful plaque and tartar that often builds up over time.

How a Fort Lauderdale Dentist Can Help

If you are due for a checkup, experiencing mouth pain or discomfort or simply interested in improving your smile, Fort Lauderdale dentist Natalia Benda-Celenski and her team at Pearl White Dentistry can help. 

Dr. Natalia has dedicated her career to providing comprehensive and personalized dental services for people across South Florida. Do not just take out word for it: Pearl White patients often glow about their experience.

Whether you need a routine checkup and cleaning, are considering Invisalign to address crowded teeth or are thinking about cosmetic dentistry options, we will take the time to understand your situation and walk you through your options. We work with a wide range of insurance plans and are happy to assist with patient financing.Contact us online, call us at (954) 491-8812, or email us at dr@pearlwhitedentistry.com to schedule an appointment with a Fort Lauderdale dentist.

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