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Inlays and Onlays

We work with quality resin material to deliver tooth colored, cosmetically pleasing fillings to our patients.  We also work with a fantastic dental laboratory to fabricate cosmetic inlays/onlays to replace larger tooth cavities, should that be needed.


Research has shown that practically everyone has a 95% chance of having a cavity in the pits and grooves of their teeth at some point in their lives.

Sealants became available commercially in the early 1970s, and the first sealant was accepted by the American Dental Association Council on Dental Therapeutics in 1972. Sealants fill the gaps and crevices on the teeth, shutting out food particles that could potentially cause cavities. Sealants are quick and easy to apply, and provide an effective barrier to cavities for many years. Sealants work very well for permanent first molars, typically coming out around the age of 6, and second molars, around the age of 12.

Children benefit greatly from sealants because their teeth are new, and sealants work most effectively as soon as a tooth has fully come in. Research shows that over 65% of all cavities are caused by trapped food and bacteria in the narrow pits and grooves of a child’s tooth.


Application of the sealant includes cleaning the surface of the tooth and removing the cleaning agent with a thorough rinse. An etching liquid is then used on the surface of the tooth, and rinsed with water after about 15 seconds. Once the site is dry, the sealant is applied and hardened with a light treatment.

Sealants typically last approximately five years, and should be checked during the child’s regular dental visit.

Insurance coverage for sealants has increased over the years, but is still minimal. Many dentists predict this will change as insurers see the benefits of sealants in reducing future dental expenses.