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We can repair and rebuild your smile after injury or decay with services in restorative dentistry. Using the most advanced technology in the Fort Lauderdale region, Dr. Natalia Benda-Celinski provides superior care for our community’s smiles. She takes a careful, precise approach to ensure your complete comfort — and we also have sedation options to help you really relax. Patients from the surrounding areas of Pompano Beach, Plantation, and Hollywood, FL are always welcome in our office!



Tooth colored fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have a filling, you may be expecting silver, or amalgam, to restore your tooth’s health. But these days, there is a better alternative. Dr. Natalia is pleased to offer patients tooth-colored fillings, a better and more natural-looking alternative to silver fillings.

Compared to silver fillings, the tooth-colored option offers a number of benefits.

Tooth-colored fillings can repair new spots of decay or replace old, unsightly, and/or failing gray fillings. Additionally, the same material can be used to make cosmetic improvements to the smile with direct bonding.


Dentures and partials

Dentures & Partials

Dentures are prosthetic teeth attached to a plastic base that looks like your gums. They are a fast route to new teeth, often completed in less than a month. Patients who have their teeth replaced with dentures and partials enjoy a sturdy tooth replacement that helps them eat, speak, and smile with ease and renewed confidence.

Partial dentures replace teeth when some healthy natural teeth still exist in the gum line. A complete denture takes the place of an entire row of missing teeth. Both are built according to your specific oral anatomy to help you achieve the most comfortable fit possible.

With proper maintenance, a denture or partial can work properly for six or seven years before replacement is necessary. Notify your dentist if your denture starts to feel loose or uncomfortable.


Tooth extractions

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth cannot be rescued, extraction is necessary to protect your oral and overall health. In addition to severely decayed or damaged teeth that require removal, crowded teeth may need to come out before we can get started with braces. Impacted or infected wisdom teeth should be removed to stop discomfort, prevent problems with surrounding teeth, and heal infection. Dr. Natalia provides patients with comfortable, efficient extractions as needed at Pearl White Dentistry.


Sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Oral conscious sedation is available for patients who are very nervous visiting the dentist, or for those who wish to have multiple treatments performed in a single, longer appointment. It is achieved using a medication you take orally about an hour before you come into our office. You will feel relaxed and worry-free through the entire procedure.

For more minor procedures, or for people who just need a little extra help relaxing, we offer nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this option helps patients feel light, happy, and stress-free during their treatments. Its effects wear off as soon as the procedure is complete and the mask is removed.


Root canals

Root Canals

We want to save your natural tooth whenever possible. Root canal, or endodontic treatment, rescues severely decayed or injured teeth from extraction. To perform a root canal, we remove all infected tissue from the interior of the tooth and then restore its strength and appearance with a permanent crown or filling.

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Dental crowns and bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are trusted solutions for classic problems — severe tooth decay and missing teeth. Using high-quality replicas of your natural tooth structure, we can strengthen, restore, and replace teeth. Dental crowns and bridges are usually completed in just two visits to our office and provide a long-lasting solution.

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"Let's just say I don't have the best teeth and have developed a fear of the dentist, but this office is amazing! Everyone there is kind, caring, really understanding! Dr Natalia is very gentle and goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and are taken care of. I would recommend this place to any one especially if you are scared of the dentist, because they will change that for you!"

Julie S., Pompano Beach, FL

“Patient Come First! Dr. Natalia is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure her patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry she can offer. I would recommend Dr. Natalia to anyone who needs a dentist!”

Yudanis G., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“As a kid I had a dentist who wasn't very nice. I never liked going to the dentist but this office is different. An all-female gentle, compassionate staff makes you feel welcome and there is never any pain. Last time I was in I almost fell asleep while Dr Benda worked on my teeth.

Rick G., Margate, FL
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