Dental Crowns & Bridges in Fort Lauderdale


If a filling isn’t enough to repair decay, or when you are missing one or more teeth, we can use a dental crown to rebuild structure or complete the smile. The dental crown is a cap that fits securely over your affected tooth. Crowns can be expected to last for a long time — and ones that are made out of dental ceramic or porcelain restore the natural beauty of the teeth that show when you smile, too. For teeth in the back of the smile, which incur more force from chewing, metal or gold alloys are usually preferred.


Dental crowns can be used when decay is so severe that large pieces of the tooth must be removed, or for holding together broken teeth. A sturdy dental crown can also keep a cracked tooth from totally breaking. They are often the last step in a root canal, and can also be used to restore a dental implant in single tooth replacement.

To place a crown, we will need to remove tooth enamel to make room for the restoration that fits on top. Pearl White Dentistry is one of the only offices in the Fort Lauderdale area that uses advanced digital scanning to build the blueprint for your new crown or bridge. 3D scanning is far more comfortable for you, and leads to better results overall. The procedure for a dental crown is carried out over two visits to our office, and you wear a temporary crown in the time between.

Keep your crown healthy by brushing and flossing vigilantly, being careful to eradicate plaque buildup around the base of the crown. Be careful when eating hard, crunchy, or sticky foods that could cause the crown to break or become dislodged. You can expect your crown to last for many years with proper care and routine visits to your dentist’s office. Let us know if your crown becomes loose, breaks, or causes discomfort.


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are dental appliances used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are customized to look natural, and are barely noticeable. They can bring help back the natural shape of teeth and fix the bite, too.

There are various types of permanent dental bridges: conventional fixed, cantilever, and resin-bonded. While some can be removed and cleaned by the patient, others can only be removed by a dentist.

The materials used in the manufacturing of bridges are usually porcelain.

A mold of the mouth would need to be made first. We don’t use the old fashioned gooey paste that older dental office use to make a mold of the mouth. We have a state of the art 3D digital scanner that makes a much more accurate mold of the mouth digitally.

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