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After the loss of one or more teeth, finding a secure replacement is of the utmost importance. Your body absorbs unused bone tissue, and without the stimulation provided by the tooth and its root, you quickly lose your strong, healthy jawbone. Prevent jawbone resorption with dental implants, a whole tooth replacement that provides a prosthetic root for the new tooth that is affixed on top.


If you are looking to invest in a sturdy, long-lasting tooth replacement, you can’t do better than dental implants. Dr. Natalia guides patients through the process for dental implants, partnering with a local periodontist for placement, then restoring the implants after they have had the time to heal together with the jawbone.

In all, the procedure for dental implants may last from six months to a year. Longer treatment times are to be expected when preparatory procedures, like bone grafting or sinus lift, are required to build up bone structure for successful anchoring of the dental implants.

In healthy patients who don’t smoke, dental implants can be expect to last a lifetime. Compared to non-implant retained options, which require periodic adjustments or replacement, dental implants are often the best financial investment over time.

Benefits of Dental Implants

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