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Root canal, or endodontic treatment, rescues severely decayed or injured teeth from extraction. While root canals are often associated with severe pain, you are unlikely to feel any discomfort thanks to modern anesthesia and sedation. Plus, needing a root canal can actually be good news — it means we can save your natural tooth!



What Happens During a Root Canal?

If you need a root canal, it’s because tooth decay or injury has reached beyond the tooth’s exterior layer of enamel to affect the interior of your tooth, or the area known as the pulp/nerve. Dr. Natalia will build a treatment plan based on the severity and location of the infection. Then, the procedure is carried out over the course of one to two visits to our office. Root canals may be combined with antibiotic therapy to fully heal the infection.

Steps of a root canal include…

  1. Anesthesia and sedation administered as desired
  2. Interior of the tooth accessed through a small hole
  3. All infected tissue removed
  4. Root canals measured and reshaped
  5. Gutta percha fills the tooth
  6. Permanent/temporary crown/filling placed
  7. If needed, permanent restoration placed in a follow-up appointment

If you need to wear a temporary crown or filling between appointments, be careful when eating. Try to chew on the other side of your mouth, and avoid sticky or chewy foods completely.

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Do you have a severely aching or injured tooth? Root canal therapy could be just the thing you need to enjoy a healthy smile once again. Contact Pearl White Dentistry’s Fort Lauderdale office to schedule an appointment! Dr. Natalia also welcomes patients from Pompano Beach, Plantation, and Hollywood, FL.

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